KMSPico Portable Latest Version Download [2024]

KMSPico Portable Latest Version Download [2024]

KMSPico Portable is a tool used to activate Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 with their previous versions. This tool is developed by Team Daz who has contributed a lot in the area of ​​activators.

The main goal of this team is to create free software that helps its users to get free activation of Windows 10 and Office as well.

Daz team has developed many activators like KMSPico, KMSPico Portable, KMSAuto Net, Windows 7 Loader, etc.

As you know Windows comes in a trial period of 30 days, after this trial period e xpires you will need to purchase a license key.

If you don't purchase it, you won't be able to use some of the Windows features, such as changing themes, applying a custom background, won't be able to receive updates, etc.

In this case, if you cannot afford the high price of Win10 operating system, then you need to have this type of KMS activator to activate it for free.

What is KMSPico Portable?

It is the version of KMSPico that does not require installation, so you can use it without installing it on your computer.

This is best for those who still think that it is a virus and steals your personal information and even accesses your files. In this way, they will now be able to activate Windows directly without having to install it on the computer.

This program was released after the latest KMS activator version 10.2 because most people requested it. Now the problem is solved as this software is launched and it works 100% fine without any problem.

The user interface has also been updated and improved many things compared to the previous version.

Now it also supports the latest version of Win10 and Win 8, and the program also supports Office 365. Using this tool becomes even easier if we talk about the old KMS activator.

You need to unzip this program and right click on its icon and then click run as administrator. Everything will work in the backend, you don't need to follow anything and it will activate in a few seconds.

KMSPico Portable Features


If you want to know more about the features of KMSPico Portable, please read the list below. I have written some of the best features of this tool that everyone should know about before downloading it.

User Interface: The user interface of this program has been improved and is easier to use than before. Now it's even easier to operate and use with just a few clicks.

No Installation: This is the best option for those who think KMSPico is a virus so you can use it also without installing it on your machine.

Supports Windows: It is compatible with almost all Windows and is also built-in, so no matter what Windows and version you are using, it will activate them with just a few clicks.

Office Support: This tool is compatible with all versions of Office, even older or newer ones. You can also activate Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 365.

Free: This tool is free and will remain free for the rest of your life, if you find any website that costs money, just complain. This tool was created to give an advantage to people who do not have money to buy Windows and Office product keys.

Compatibility: It is now compatible with most antivirus programs, so now you can use it even if your antivirus is activated. Some tools may still show you as a virus, so just turn them off.

Computer Performance: This will also increase the performance of your computer.

Lifetime Activation: You don't need to activate Windows and Office again and again as this tool also solves this problem. When you activate Windows with this tool, you will get lifetime activation.

Download and use portable KMSPico

If you loved the features of this activator, you must be curious to download it. Let's now move on to our download guide, in which I will also tell you how you can use it to activate Office and Windows.

– You need to click on the download button below (the download link is direct) and then you will be asked for the location where you want to save. You will then have to wait a while for the download to complete. – When you successfully download the KMSPico portable Windows 10 activator, you notice that it is archived in a zip file. – Choose the desktop and click Start. – Extract the zip file, using WinRar or another tool. Password to unzip: "Windows" (don't worry, the antivirus supports it, but if your antivirus still excludes it, please disable it first). – Now you need to right click on the KMSPico Portable icon and click Run as administrator. It will ask for permission, so just click Yes. – The program will run in the backend and you will hear some voice notifications. Wait a few seconds until you hear the voice notification “Affirmative, Program Complete.” – Now restart your computer and then just right click on My Computer > Properties and see the activation status. Voila, your Windows has already been successfully activated and you can now enjoy all the benefits of this Windows 10 without paying a single cent.

Let's now talk about the Microsoft Office activation process. The steps to activate Office 2016 with KMSPico Portable are a little different. To do this, you must follow the steps below.

First, open any Office product like Word or MS Excel and leave it open, don't close it. After that, you need to right-click on the extracted KMS activator icon and click Run as administrator.

You will again hear some voice notifications coming in the background and then you can simply wait a few seconds until you hear the same voice notification. That's it, Office has been successfully activated, so you need to restart your computer.

After restarting, open any Office product and click Account. In this section you will see the activation status and if it is Activated to enjoy MS Office also on your PC without paying a single cent.

frequent questions

If you still have questions what are you trying to ask? Then read this list of FAQs below to get the answer to the most frequently asked questions. If you don't find a suitable answer to your question, ask me in the comments section and I will do my best to answer and solve your problem.

Q1) Which is better? KMSPico or portable KMSPico?

Truth be told, they are both the same, with different names and characteristics as well. While KMSpico requires installation on a PC and the portable version does not require installation and works with complete ease.

Q2) Is it illegal to use KMSPico Portable?

The fact is that it does this because any activator that allows piracy is illegal. Although there are many people who use this, you can also use it without having any problem.

Q3) Can I activate Windows Server too?

Yes, with the help of this tool you can now activate Windows Server. The versions that can be activated are Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2012 R2, etc.

Q4) Can I activate Windows 10 64-bit with this?

Yes, of course, it supports both architectures, whether you use a 32-bit or 64-bit processor. It is not necessary to have software for each, as it works on both without problems.


Are you looking for the best activator for Windows and Office operating system? Then this would be a great solution for you as KMSPico Portable works on the principle of Key Management Server developed by Microsoft.

It is developed by the most trusted developer Team Daz who has contributed a lot in the area of ​​activator tools.

So if you are also looking for an activator that provides permanent activation, this could be a great option for you.

Even those who consider these activators to be viruses can use them, since they do not require any type of installation, so you are free to use them. There are even more benefits of this tool that you will find when using it alone.

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